Steve DeAngelo Collaborating with Cannabis Channel Green Reine


Steve DeAngelo, Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry and Last Prisoner Project Co-Founder, is collaborating with the Fearless Voice Network on the global cannabis channel Green Reine. Green Reine will highlight social justice issues relating to cannabis and work with advocacy groups on policy issues including criminal justice reform.

Green Reine leverages video, written, and online media content to engage and educate their audience on some of the issues surrounding legalization including social justice and business topics. This summer the platform, as a channel of the Fearless Voice Network, will add an OTT streaming channel to its lineup.

DeAngelo is a globally recognized cannabis leader who was dubbed “the father of the legal industry” by former Speaker of the California Assembly and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. As a lifelong activist, author, educator, investor, and entrepreneur, he has spent more than four decades on the front lines of the cannabis reform movement. DeAngelo has co-founded a number of organizations including Harborside, Arc View Group, and Steep Hill Labs. In addition to guiding the reform projects of Green Reine, he will produce content for the network and be a visible voice for their advocacy.

“The votes we saw in the last two general elections sent a clear message to politicians. There’s more to win from embracing cannabis reform than you have to lose from embracing cannabis reform,” DeAngelo stated. “We must remember the size of the job that is still ahead of us. It’s a huge task, but not an infinite task.”

The launch of Green Reine was announced in April of 2020 and received media attention immediately. Their content has been syndicated or translated in over forty countries and has reached a global audience of over 15 million. While their growth has been steady, DeAngelo’s addition to the initiative may be a game changer.

The first collaboration between DeAngelo and Green Reine will tackle the issue of those incarcerated for cannabis possession in the United States. Green Reine has launched a media effort called “Bring Them All Home” with notable advocates including Andrew DeAngelo, Melissa Etheridge, Ricky Williams, Marvin Washington, and Montel Williams to raise awareness and funds for this initiative. The proceeds will benefit non-profit organization Last Prisoner Project and national political group Green Reine PAC.