It’s our democracy.
Our legacy must be to protect it.

A Channel Dedicated to Engaging, Educating and Empowering Millions of Voters

Democracy Legacy Network™ seeks to inform Americans about key issues impacting voting access, to educate people about our Government, and to inspire citizens to participate in our Democracy in a meaningful and effective manner.

The Democracy Legacy Initiative is currently focused on three areas of content and action: Voter Engagement, Voter Education, and Voter Empowerment.

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How We Increase Our Impact

Build effective intersectional MESSAGING campaigns to positively brand the values we support.

Create MEDIA which portrays our issues in a way that is relatable and connects to the audience.

Successfully SHAPE THE CONVERSATION of existing media to steer public opinion, winning the hearts and minds of voters & policy makers.

Our Values

Proceeds from every production directly benefit advocacy work to educate, engage, and empower the voting community to grow in a way that benefits all of us. Before we ever write a piece or begin filming a segment, we ask ourselves what message we want to send and how it will help make people’s lives better.

Voter Engagement

To continue to engage voters for participation, we must restore and then maintain a pride in the American vote, regardless of which people or issues are on the ballot.

This includes dispelling myths about election security, showcasing peers and influencers participating in democracy in an approachable manner, and sharing stories of cross-generational voter participation.

Voter Education

Nearly 400 bills in 41 states have been introduced to restrict access to voting. We work to eliminate barriers to Americans participating in their Democracy.

We provide context to discussions about accessibility and amplify the work of organizations and individuals helping their employees or communities to participate in elections, such as giving workers the day off or giving Seniors rides to the polls.

We must eliminate false narratives of fear and combat them with humanizing stories which center on voting as an inclusive and positive activity.

Voter Empowerment

For meaningful change to occur, we must continue the discourse of the importance of voting, particularly during periods in between elections.

This includes highlighting moments when a small number of voters had a substantial impact on races in our history, encouraging citizens to vote “down the ballot”, and providing a connection to what is happening in their community to the change their vote can create.

Reach Out Today

Send us an email or call us at 202-996-0155.