Telling the Story of the Cannabis Community


A Channel Dedicated to Engaging and Empowering the
Cannabis Community

Green Reine™ is the cannabis channel featured on Fearless Voice Network™ highlighting the industry, the community, and social justice issues. Headquartered in Florida and with team members and partnering organizations throughout the United States, Green Reine leverages its streaming television network, the Fearless Voice magazine, the online media platform, animated and educational content, and over a dozen web platforms to reach millions of people globally.

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How We Increase Our Impact

Build effective intersectional MESSAGING campaigns to positively brand the values we support.

Create MEDIA which portrays our issues in a way that is relatable and connects to the audience.

Successfully SHAPE THE CONVERSATION of existing media to steer public opinion, winning the hearts and minds of voters & policy makers.

Our Values

Proceeds from every production directly benefit advocacy work to educate, engage, and empower the cannabis community to grow in a way that benefits all of us. Before we ever write a piece or begin filming a segment, we ask ourselves what message we want to send and how it will help make people’s lives better.

Providing Access to Care

All citizens should have a right to choose alternative, non-pharmaceutical care without sacrificing safety or dignity.

Protecting Families

We are passionate about keeping families together by searching for better solutions for our communities than incarceration. Well-regulated, adult access to cannabis has been shown to reduce dependency upon addictive substances such as alcohol and opiates.

Supporting Communities

Revenue from cannabis sales benefits schools, mental health programs, and law enforcement. We work to help additional businesses emerge in the industry, create well-paying jobs and increase economic opportunities.

Building a Foundation

We facilitate knowledge sharing to keep pace with this evolving industry. Whether it’s technology for efficiency, HIPAA compliance of data, workplace safety, or environmental impact, we work to ensure that regulators and business can adapt successfully.

Reach Out Today

Send us an email or call us at 202-996-0155.