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Cannabis Testing Laboratory
Corvallis, Oregon
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PREE Gives Confidence in Data Integrity and Consistency

Spawned from a clinical laboratory background we take consistent and accurate results very seriously. Our LCMS, GCMS/MS, and HPLC instruments combined with our experienced laboratory analysts from both the clinical and environmental sectors give our customers the utmost confidence in data integrity and consistency.

PREE Laboratories LLC is the only OLCC licensed and ORELAP accredited Cannabis laboratory between Eugene and the Greater Portland area approved for full compliance testing. Our convenient location offers a new opportunity for cannabis producers in the mid valley and beyond access to our state of the art facility conveniently located in Downtown Corvallis.

PREE is an official provider for NASCAR

PREE is an official provider of laboratory testing for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

Manny Cruz, CEO

Our Values

Supporting the Green Reine Initiative

“We are excited to be able to support the Green Reine initiative to help safely legalize cannabis across the country and to improve some of the existing policies for the cannabis businesses we work with every day.”

Manny Cruz
CEO / Principal