Fearless Voice Network

Fearless Voice Network™ is a global multi-media resource that works to advance social justice issues. Focusing on three key areas – voter advocacy, mental health & wellness, and cannabis justice reform – the Fearless Voice channels provide our audience a platform to share information, connect with each other, and support organizations with shared values.

Fearless Voice Network leverages political organizing, media strategy, technology, and government affairs to improve communities across the U.S. and in over a dozen additional countries worldwide. We collaborate with community leaders, subject matter experts, elected officials, and local citizens to help identify important social justice issues and then create and distribute media to help lead to positive meaningful impact.

Our content educates people on critical issues and why they matter, amplifies advocates doing amazing work, encourages people to take meaningful action, and financially supports the non-profit work we do to change laws and policies which affect all of us. Whether you are a passionate champion about one topic or you are simply looking for a way to make a positive difference, raise your voice and join this global initiative today.