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April Jackson

Tampa, Florida

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I Am A Fearless Voice

“During these times it is critical that we take care of ourselves and take care of each other. I’m raising my voice to tell people that they are not alone – and that it’s okay to not be okay right now.”

My Favorite Item
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The Mental Health Day Tote Bag

It’s called “taking” a day for a reason! Grab this stylish “Mental Health Day” tote bag and head to wherever makes you happy. This high-quality bag is available in three sizes and is durable enough for the beach and elegant enough for a day on the town.
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Shared Values

Supporting the Kaleidoscope Initiative

“It is okay for us to expect better from the world around us, break free from our struggles, and finally achieve our goals. To do that we all need help and I’m working with Kaleidoscope to ensure that as many people have access to that quality mental healthcare as possible.”
April Jackson

This initiative is dedicated to expand access to mental healthcare by working with leaders in the industry and legislators to tackle both access and affordability to quality care.

Additionally, Kaleidoscope produces content and materials specifically for vulnerable communities, communities of color/BIPOC, and indigenous communities to provide support and education about wellness and mental health awareness.

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