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Cannabis Empire

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Be a Visible Part of Cannabis Empire™

Businesses can have their location, product, or team members incorporated in the series as we take an inside look at the innovation and ingenuity behind the scenes of the world’s most fascinating multi-billion dollar industry.
Opportunities include:

On Location Filming

We interview them as they weigh in on the pre-set topic of an episode.

Featured Cast Member

Multiple segments of interviews and candid moments interspersed throughout the show (“walk and talks”, arrival footage, the setup for the episode, etc.) where they are a key part of multiple episodes.


Designed to provide more exposure both in the series and surrounding its release. Producers receive an industry credit, press recognition, and (if desired) prominent inclusion throughout an episode storyline.

Outreach Process

1 - Make a Connection

Start a conversation – in person, via email, or on the phone – about who we are and how our series can grow their business.

2 - Document *Everything*

Put the organization and person in Pipedrive and continue to track all activities and follow up.

3 - Keep Activities Moving

Whether it’s follow up calls, sending more materials, or nudging with an email, keep an activity planned for at least every two weeks.

4 - Screen and Schedule

Once you know that you have the decision maker(s) and that they have a budget, schedule a call for them with SV to go over more specific questions.

5 - Propose and Close

IMPORTANT – Follow up with a call directly to them to see how the SV call went and confirm their budget and priorities. Then send them a proposal to finalize.

6 - Invoice

Generate an invoice based on the payment terms determined. Default is half up front and half two weeks before shooting, but additional arrangements can be made w SV signoff.

7 - Scheduling Production

Production can NOT be scheduled until at least 50% of payments have been received. SV will work with the crew to provide dates, but no tentative holds will be placed on time unless payment is received.


Send us an email or call us at 202-996-0155.