Behind The Scenes Preview

Oregon Filming – Behind the Scenes

“I was excited – and a bit nervous – to finally begin full production. We had worked for over a year on the pre-production and my hope was that the shooting we did lived up to what I had in my mind.

From Day One we all – the entire Cannabis Empire™ cast and crew – just looked at each other, amazed. Connecting with these entrepreneurs and business owners confirmed why we chose to film this series. There is clearly a story here that people need to hear and we are thrilled to finally be bringing it to you.”
~ Shawna Presley Vercher, Executive Producer

Become a Part of the Series

Share the Story of Your Organization

Cannabis Empire™ tackles one of the challenges of the industry: how to get the word out about businesses when regular marketing channels aren’t available. Watch Executive Producer Shawna Vercher discuss how sponsors can actually become cast members in the series.

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Our Values

Proceeds from every production directly benefit advocacy work to educate, engage, and empower the cannabis community to grow in a way that benefits all of us. Before we ever write a piece or begin filming a segment, we ask ourselves what message we want to send and how it will help make people’s lives better.

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