Ryan Bledsoe


Ryan Bledsoe is a cannabis pioneer based in South Beach, Oregon. He is the owner of Bernie’s Universal Dispensaries. He opened in 2017 as one of the first retail dispensaries on the Oregon coast. The four hundred (400) square foot shop is one of the most successful in the country due to Ryan’s unique take on the cannabis business.

Ryan is constantly building and growing the businesses. On any day he can be seen in the dispensary, working on the grow, finding new products, helping others enter the business and teaching their heard earned skills. He also partners with various business experts to consult on helping new and troubled dispensaries with his other business entity, Full Spectrum Solutions Group.

Ryan has built a network of farmers, manufacturers and retailers throughout Oregon that help each other through storms, pandemics, and just about anything you can think of. Ryan’s role of Boutique Cultivator brings new products and businesses into the Fearless Voice Network on a regular basis. When not living and breathing all things hemp, Ryan can be found giving glass blowing demonstrations and classes at The Edge Art Gallery where they specialize in floats to distribute along the Oregon coastline.