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Our team is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and New York City with team members throughout the United States.

Reach out with inquiries to get involved in one of our initiatives, to get assistance with your campaign or organization, or to book Shawna Presley Vercher.

Please note: It is our policy not to accept or consider unsolicited creative materials, ideas, or suggestions. This is to avoid any misunderstandings if your materials, ideas, or suggestions are similar or identical to those we have developed independently. Accordingly, please do not submit to us any unsolicited screenplays, treatments, synopses, concept footage, stories, ideas, samples, mock-ups, original artwork or other original creative materials or suggestions. Any such submissions shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and will be returned to the sender, or deleted or discarded, without being reviewed.

This site is brought to you in part by Shawna Presley Vercher, The Political Fixer.

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