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Florida Capital Bank

HQ: Jacksonville, Florida

“We believe in a friendly, fun, respectful, and caring culture throughout the organization which naturally translates into how we treat our customers. Florida Capital Bank is pleased to partner with other organizations working to make the communities we live and work in stronger and better for all of our citizens.”

We work hard to build a long-lasting relationship with business clients to help them reach their goals so they can enjoy their achievements.

With strong values and committed associates, our clients can expect us to be there for them– providing expert advice combined with resources to meet a lifetime’s worth of evolving financial needs.

It’s all part of our promise to treat them like family.

Barbie Blank, Florida Capital Bank

Our Values

Supporting the Kaleidoscope Initiative

“From our products and services, to offering helping hands to charitable organizations, we believe in helping all of our communities thrive. Our employee volunteers are committed to actively making a difference.”
Barbie Blank
Business Relationship Banker

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