A Fearless Voice Initiative

Fearless Vote

Help us to engage undecided and non-voters to participate in the critical 2024 elections with persuasive media.

Part of the reason people stay away from voting is because politics can be just SO AWFUL that they are discouraged from even trying to make things better.

All Candidates are NOT the Same

Take it from us, the founders of this initiative. We live in Florida where the men in power have harmed the lives of women, Black people, LGTBQ+ kids, trans performers, teachers, librarians, voters, law enforcement officers, Jewish and Muslim residents, and even an infamous cartoon mouse.

The Fearless Vote project works to encourage people to get involved, educates them about what the heck is actually happening, and empowers them to do something about it.

An excited son tugs at his mother's arm to vote on Election Day.

Our Work

Media that Matters

We create media and spread the word to a wide spectrum of voters to show them how some of the harmful legislation we are seeing impacts and often damages everyday lives.

Some of the topics we are tackling include:

  • The catastrophic consequences of the Don’t Say Gay law and attacks on the LGTBQ+ community including Trans children
  • Silencing Black voices and erasing Black history with bigoted policies labeled as a “war on woke”
  • Voter Suppression and its descent into Voter Intimidation
  • Anti-Democratic actions such as removing elected officials from their positions if they disagree with a sitting Governor
  • The true costs – including the loss of life – of dangerous anti-choice policies
  • And last, but certainly not least, how this type of governance makes a place uninhabitable for many. Literally. A record number of people cannot afford to live their home state because of skyrocketing housing costs, low wages, and lack of support for worker organizations such as unions.

Specifically, funds are used to engage, educate, and empower voters in early Primary states and swing states to impact the 2024 election. All media will be made accessible so it can be shared widely. We are also launching an online and in-person training initiative to assist other advocates and organizations.

State legislators are working as we speak to pass laws to silence “dissent” against sitting officials. That’s why we need the help of as many Fearless Voters as possible.